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Volunteer Committees

Your support is key to ensuring a successful season. Your fees do not pay any salaries — we are all volunteers! Each season we ask families to volunteer for a position or committee. See descriptions of volunteer roles and committes below:



Team Manager

The manager is ultimately responsible for the team, and all communications from the league go through the manager. Many managers also serve as a head coach, but occasionally a manager and coach team up to divide on-field and off-field responsibilities. Managers are responsible for:

  • Attending assessments and draft night to draft the team
  • Attending every game, creating lineups and deciding player positions (with coaches)
  • Approving the team’s schedule and communicating with the league’s umpire in chief if schedule changes are needed
  • Leading a post-game talk with players after each game and awarding player of the game (with coaches)
  • Making sure field prep and maintenance is done before and after every practice and game (with field maintenance parent)
  • Receiving team equipment from umpire in chief and returning it at the end of the season
  • Communicating with parents about practices, game times, etc. 
  • Reporting game scores to the umpire in chief

In addition, all managers must complete training.



Coaches attend every practice and game. If the manager also serves as head coach, coaches assist the manager during practices with running drills and instructing players. Other teams may split the manager and head coach duties. Ideally, a team has 3-4 coaches. During games, there is a coach on the first base line, third base line and usually in the dugout or coaching batters.  


Board member

The PYSA Board of Directors meets monthly throughout the year to plan and oversee the spring recreational season, winter Select play, the summer All-Star season, and fall ball. See a list of board members and open positions. If you are interested in an open position, please contact the board president at


Team parent

Helps team manager by handling off-field responsibilities including:

  • Ordering and distributing team socks and any optional accessories (hair bows, etc.)
  • Ordering team banner and displaying it at each game
  • Setting up a team messaging group (such as GroupMe)
  • Creating team snack schedule
  • Passing on messages from league's parent coordinator regarding Padres Day, snack shack duty, etc.
  • Planning team's end-of-season party and coaches' gifts



Commits to being at every game (or designating a substitute scorekeeper). Not needed for 6U teams.

  • Has basic knowledge of softball rules — for instance, what constitutes a hit vs. fielder’s choice or reaching base on an error, or a stolen base vs. advancing on a passed ball
  • Knows how to score using GameChanger app (or is willing to learn)
  • Sets up team's GameChanger account
  • Can arrive to every game 15 minutes early to exchange lineups
  • Sits near the backstop for entire game while scoring and is available when needed by umpire


Snack shack committee

Assists the snack shack manager with running the snack shack throughout the season. This is in addition to every family's one snack shack shift per season. Most committee members will be needed as snack shack openers or closers and to supervise or train volunteers on their annual shift. Other roles may also be available, including: 

  • Tracking and managing inventory
  • Weekly shopping at Smart & Final or Costco Business Center
  • Managing relationship with local suppliers, including Hodad's


Field management committee

The field management crew helps keep our fields and equipment well maintained. We would like to have one parent on every team (in addition to coaches and managers) trained in field prep so that the responsibility does not always fall on managers. Training will be provided. May include:

  • Watering and dragging field after practice or games
  • Prepping and chalking field before games 
  • Maintaining pitcher’s mounds and pitching practice area
  • Assisting with occasional replenishment of Turface and clay, including nail dragging and mat dragging
  • Assisting with occasional after-rain field maintenance
  • Assisting with equipment management, distribution or maintenance


Social media / publicity /communications committee

This committee keeps our league in the public eye. This could include:

  • Maintaining our presence on several social media channels
  • Placing yard signs around the community during registration
  • Photography at games and events
  • Writing and email communication


Uniform / logo wear committee

This committee is responsible for spring jerseys, All Star uniforms and all of our PYSA logo merchandise. The committee head will manage the relationship with the supplier and place orders. Committee responsibilities may include:

  • Advising on logo wear designs
  • Working at the sizing table at spring assessments
  • Helping to size All-Star players in late spring
  • Distributing jerseys or uniforms
  • Helping to manage logo gear inventory
  • Working at logo gear table at special events or Saturday games at Robb Field


Fundraising / sponsorship committee

This committee secures team and league sponsorships from local businesses.


Special events committee

This committee helps plan our special events, including Team Night, season kickoffs, closing ceremonies, or social events. 


Clinics and training committee

This committee helps plan and support development opportunities for our players, including weekend clinics. This may also involve planning training for our new managers or serving as a liaison with our professional league coaches. 


Tournaments committee

This committee helps put on our summer Cool Breeze tournament for All-Star teams. It involves planning meetings throughout the spring and availability to support the tournament during the first weekend in June.