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Snack Shack Shifts

The Breakers Cafe (snack shack) is a vital source of funding for our league and helps us keep registration fees reasonable. Having enough volunteers to keep it running is crucial to our financial well-being. Our goal is to have a well-run snack shack and to return deposits promptly upon completion of volunteer obligations. Thank you for understanding.

Every spring each family is required to fulfill one shift per registered child in the Café.  Successful fulfillment of your shift(s) will result in a refund of the $100 deposit (per child/shift) collected during registration.  All shifts occur at the Breakers Café located at Robb Field 6 unless otherwise noted.

This spring we will offer all shifts upfront via SignUp Genius and allow families to sign up for any slot, any weekend, that best accommodates family schedules.  The sooner you sign up, the sooner you'll receive your $100 refund of deposit!

Families wanting to opt out of their Café shift entirely may simply choose to NOT sign up and forego the return of deposit.

Snack shack spring 2024 signup coming soon.  Please read the instructions carefully when signing up.  Questions?  Contact our scheduling manager, Patricia P., at


1) In order to receive a refund of deposit it is necessary to manually sign in and sign out of the Breakers Café binder upon shift arrival and completion.
2)Children may not be present in the Breakers Café at any time without prior approval.  An approved list of youth workers may be obtained by our Café scheduling manager, Patricia P.  Please contact Patricia if you would like to hire a youth worker to fulfill your shift.  All youth shifts must be pre-approved to ensure proper adult supervision in the Café at all times.  Failure to receive approval for youth workers will result in the removal of your sign up and cancellation of your deposit refund, until a shift is successfully performed.

Working at our Breakers Café is a great place to meet members of your community and our Peninsula Softball family, while helping the league. For more information, email