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Select Season

Select 2023

PYSA will form teams for the 2023 winter Select season.

The manager and player interest periods are now closed, and Select managers and teams will be announced after spring assessments in early January.

The 2023 Select season lasts from early January to April 2, 2023. Local USA Softball tournament dates for the 2023 Select season include:

  • South San Diego Select tournament: Jan. 21–22
  • North San Diego Select tournament: Feb. 19 and 26
  • South San Diego Select tournament: March 19 and 26

About the PYSA Select Program

The Select program was developed by USA Softball to allow high-performing girls to play together IN ADDITION TO playing on a spring recreational team. Girls must be registered for the spring season to be on a Select team, and they must continue to attend their rec team practices and at least 75% of their rec team games. Select is not designed, in any way, to replace spring recreational play. USA Softball governs the Select season and has strict guidelines for all Select teams.

"Select" has sometimes been used loosely to apply to any high-level competitive team. But Select actually has a very specific definition and calendar defined by USA Softball.

Select schedule: Select teams are allowed to operate between Jan. 1 and April 2, 2023. They can only practice and/or play together once a week, typically on Sundays. (Additional days per week are allowed in early January, prior to the formation of spring rec teams.)

PYSA Select teams should plan to participate in USA Softball's South San Diego district Select tournament(s). Most teams will also play in the North San Diego tournament. Other than those dates, managers set their own schedule of practices and friendlies. All winter Select friendlies must be approved by USA Softball.

How to join: PYSA usually hosts 1–2 winter Select teams per age division. An interest list will be circulated in December for players who would like to be considered. Managers will be able to review the received interest forms and create their rosters.  The completion of an interest form does not equate a spot on a Select team.  Teams are formed at the sole discretion of the manager and approved by the board.

Any girl wishing to be considered for a Select team must complete the Select interest form AND must register for the spring rec season as well. Families should carefully consider this commitment — if your player is asked to be on a team, it will mean playing on two teams during February and March, when the spring season and the Select season overlap (rec games on Saturdays and Select games on most Sundays).

Other details: Participation in the Select program does not guarantee a spot on an All-Star team. Fees for Select are in addition to the spring rec season and will vary by team, depending on tournament and game schedules.

Questions about Select? Please contact the PYSA Player Agent at